What is Rollover PoS Consensus?

Antlia has proposed an approach to consensus called rollover Proof of Stake “rPoS” and its consensus engine is modified tendermint “PBFT”. Antlia rollover PoS helps to achieve decentralisation with high throughput and security. rPoS eliminates PoW waste of computation resources and centralisation of DPoS/PoS. Antlia consensus provides balance between liveness and safety. The Antlia consensus protocol provides a high security level through unbiased randomness generated at every 05 blocks.

How is Antlia solving interoperability problem?

Blockchains are not only different because of their consensus but blockchain have different architecture design, many languages and framework to program,and different transaction structure. Connecting blockchain through common protocol might be challenging but a serenity of the ecosystem. Antlia leverages research of IBC and XCLAIM for interoperability and provides connectivity to other blockchain for data and asset sharing.

What are Antlia’s development plans?

Until now, Antlia’s blockchain, multi-coin wallet and multi-chain explorer have been developed. From the software point of view, we are working on an interoperable protocol, WASM based VM for Antlia. We are also working to build our community around the project and launch not only Antlia’s mainnet but our products as well. By the end of 2020 we will start working on our DeFi initiatives, privacy research and blockchain interoperability solutions. In the First quarter of 2020, we will launch our coin by the name of ANA coin along with our mainnet launch.

Why does Antlia believe in Application Specific Blockchains?

We see the blockchain ecosystem as “A Network of Blockchains” instead of just one or two global blockchains. We see some blockchains will fulfill value for the financial system, some will fulfill for agribusiness, some will do for industrial processes. However, they will be having interoperable and seamless exchanges for assets and data.

What are the possible use cases for Antlia?

Some major uses cases of Antlia include:

  1. Antlia Exchange & Wallet: Antlia's Multicoin Wallet will be non-custodial wallet having support for ANA and BNB coin. It will be in a variety of versions, mobile, web, browser, extension & nano ledger.

  2. Antlia Multichain Explorer: Antlia Multichain Explorer will monitor the status of different metrics of the Antlia network specifically ANA and BNB Coin.

  3. Antlia’s DeFi Ecosystem: The centralized exchanges have various drawbacks that Antlia DeFi Ecosystem will try to improve such as low liquidity, high trading fees, low latency and centralised manipulation.

How can I participate in Antlia’s Private Sale?

This sale is only available to those who have been specifically invited. If you have not received an invite, contact us about availability at contact@antlia.io. Antlia Network is seeking the right investors to help co-create the Blockchain-to- Blockchain and Blockchain-to-Oracle communication systems. As an investor, we see you as an important part of our community.

What is the initial allocation of ANA?

Antlia has allocated ANA such that 60% goes to staking and mining, 10% for private sale, 15% for Crowd sale, 10% for team & advisors and the remaining 05% for the ecosystem.

What is the utility of ANA?

ANA has three use cases: as a fee for transactions, as a staking token in the ecosystem to earn rewards, and as a voting mechanism for governance in Antlia’s blockchain such that each person holding ANA can take part in governing the blockchain.

How can I become a validator for Antlia?

Anyone who wishes to become a part of antlia’s governance can do so by becoming a validator. For this purpose, you can apply Here. Once your application has been approved, you can become a validator for Antlia’s blockchain for testnet and earn a reward for mainnet.

Where can I find developer support for this project?

You can refer to any of our following platforms for developer support:

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