What is Antlia?

Antlia will be an opensource interoperable and scalable blockchain with trusted smart contract based oracles for seamless data and asset sharing.

Why Antlia?

While many projects are beating their opponents on the grounds of "improved scalability" or "High TPS'' in terms of numbers, mass adoption still remains the main concern. Many interoperable blockchains are trying to form a communication bridge, but are still lacking in stability and area of applications. Antlia ecosystem will expand to include DeFi tools that will help create a decentralized financial ecosystem in true sense. These DeFi tools will include a decentralized exchange, liquidity pool generator, and an aggregator to generate most returns possible with being helpful in property transfers, insurance, mortgages, and even voting.

Antlia has proposed an approach to consensus called rollover Proof of Stake “rPoS '' to improve Modified Tendermint Consensus Engine ''PBFT”. Antlia rPoS helps to achieve decentralization with high throughput and security. rPoS eliminates waste from PoW’s computation of resources and centralization of DPoS/PoS. Antlia consensus provides balance between liveness and safety. The Antlia consensus protocol provides high security through unbiased randomness generated at every 05 blocks’ proposal.

Documentation Overview

The Antlia developer docs describes the Antlia interoperable blockchain, how its useful, how to use it, how it works, how to implement it, its consensus engine and how to install it. The major section that this document will cover include:

  1. Installation Guide

  2. Configuration

  3. Create Validator Node

  4. How to Run a Testnet Validator

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