Configuring Dockerbase

Setup Antlia Nodes

To set up Antlia nodes, clone the code from Antlia:

Run the following command to start nodes:

make install
make build
make build-docker-antliadnode
docker-compose up

Setup Lite Client

Run the following command to start lite client:

antliacli rest-server --chain-id=antlias-test-01     --laddr=tcp://     --node tcp://localhost:26657     --trust-node=false --home node1/antliacli

You can set path to any node

e.g --home node1/antliacli

Setup Explorer

Prerequisites Required for setting up the explorer:

  1. Install nodejs v11.15.0

  2. Install Meteor

  3. Install Yarn

Setup the MongoDB using the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y mongodb
sudo systemctl status mongodb

Create User on MongoDB Type following in side MongoDB:

      user: "username",
      pwd: "password",
      roles: [ { role: "readWrite", db: "antlia" } ]

Manual Method:

Clone the project from Antlia:

git clone

Run following command to generate build:

cd bundle/programs/server/
npm install
cd ~/explorer/bundle

Run the following command to start explorer:

PORT=3000 ROOT_URL=http://localhost/ MONGO_URL='mongodb://{username}:{password}@{IP}:27017/antlia' METEOR_SETTINGS="$(cat settings.json)" meteor node main.js

Setup Explorer using Docker:

To Get genesis file run the following command:

To run the docker:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000  -e MONGO_URL=mongodb://{username}:{password}@{IP}:27017/antlia -e METEOR_SETTINGS="$(cat settings.json)" --name explorer rnssolutions/explorer:0.1.5

Setup Wallet

Lite Proxy

Clone the lite-proxy:

git clone
cd lite-proxy

Install the Certificated:

yarn install
yarn certificates

To run the proxy:

yarn proxy

By default it will run on:

to change this update value of target in proxy.js

Wallet URL shortener:

To Setup url shortener clone the code:

git clone
cd url-shortner
docker-compose up

Wallet Docker Container:

Type the following command in terminal to run front end of wallet

docker run -p 9080:9080 -d rnssolutions/antliawallet:1.0.4

Wallet Manual Method

Clone the code from Antlia:

Run following command by update the endpoint url:

QRCODE= FAUCET= SHORTURL= CHAIN=antlias-test-01 STARGATE= RPC= yarn build

Run following command to run wallet:

Set Faucet

Faucet consist of backend and frontend.

Setup faucet backend

Clone the code from Antlia:

git clone
cd faucet-backend

set the configuration in .env set FAUCET_KEY with with address of validator.

set FAUCET_KEY with with address of validator set FAUCET_PASS with pass of validator set FAUCET_CHAIN with faucet chain set FAUCET_HOME with path to validator cli a sample configuration is given in the .env file to run the faucet:


Setup faucet frontend

Run the following command to run faucet frontend:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -d rnssolutions/antlia-faucet-frontend:0.0.9-rc

Manual Method

Clone the code from Antlia:

Run the following command to build the faucet frontend:

NODE_ENV=production VUE_APP_CHAIN=antlias-test-01 VUE_APP_CLAIM_URL= yarn build

Update your end point in above command run following command to run faucet frontend:

yarn serve:dist

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